This Week in Real Estate – Volume 12

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Upon looking back at the first few of anything you have created and let the public consume, inevitably, you come up with criteria that you wish to change and people wish you would change. You also quickly realize a few things: the people who support you will continue to support you undoubtedly through social media aaaaand how few people actually even read what I wrote. The latter is the societal pandemic of this generation among other things….like surgically detaching ones cell phone from ones retina….but I digress.

So I looked at the first 11 entries of TWIRE with a discerning eye but with inverse questions to understand that it’s not always negative. “How can I make it better” with the subsequent “What makes it worse”, “Why did only 11 people read Volume 9‘s entry” versus “191 people read last week’s! Well, I am the Huffington Post of the real estate blogging universe.” So I took at everything within the blog that I could/wanted to/needed to change and changed it. If you like what I have done – great! Thank you for your continued support. If you don’t like what I have done – great! Thank you for your final bit of support.

Gone now are the blanket lists, in ascending price order, of the new listings for Peterborough and those listed within the County. I still will be giving the listings to you for you to review – you can also click on each of the street addresses and they will take you to the public listing. New headings now have emerged, the display is much cleaner. (The display on my screen as I write the blog is different than the published version and I don’t know how many times I have tried to change it and failed, so I change it permanently).

As far as the market is concerned, another busy week. Seems thus far we are on track to pull ahead of last December’s number of 148 listings brought to market to round out another 3,000+ sales year. This week we had 49 new listings come to the Peterborough board in the Peterborough, County and Kawartha areas. 2 sold solid, 9 sold conditional.  Still seeing plenty of action on listings going over asking price, nearly every listing below $300K is still holding offers – though some over $300K are trying the same approach to capitalize for their clients. 14 detached homes sold this week, 10 over asking – all using holding offer strategy.

Just to recap a few weeks ago, I had mentioned that if you were $300,000 or less and could afford to go up in the market that now was the time to sell. Outgoing PKAR President Mike Heffernan illustrated that very point in an article Friday December 2nd in the Peterborough This Week. The market will not stay hot forever, that is certain. For how long, who knows.

Here are new listings that came onto the Peterborough real estate board for this past week. All listings are courtesy of the Peterborough and the Kawartha’s Association of Realtors members. The listing brokerage name will be listed at the bottom of the listing on my website or along the right hand side on the site. The links to each address are to the public  or website.

If you would like more information or to book a showing, feel free to call me OR a Realtor you trust!

Single Family homes

202 LANSDOWNE ST W, PETERBOROUGH         $179,000

638 RUBIDGE ST, PETERBOROUGH                      $239,900

476 BRIOUX AVE, PETERBOROUGH                     $244,900

470 O`CONNELL RD, PETERBOROUGH               $259,900

202 BARNARDO AVE, PETERBOROUGH              $350,000

594 SETTLERS RIDGE, PETERBOROUGH             $384,900

11 BELMONT ST, HAVELOCK                                   $149,900

35 BRIDGE ST, KAWARTHA LAKES                       $199,000

55 KING ST, NORWOOD                                            $220,000

16 COLBORNE ST E, LINDSAY                                $234,900

62 ST. PAUL ST, LINDSAY                                       $239,900

26 ALMA ST, NORWOOD                                         $259,900

89 POTTINGER ST, LINDSAY                                  $339,900

232 ANGELINE ST N, LINDSAY                              $362,500

875 WATER ST, WARSAW                                       $375,000

211 SOMERVILLE 11TH LINE, KINMOUNT          $399,900

79 THRUSHWOOD TRL, LINDSAY                        $424,900

19 MORNINGSIDE PL, MILLBROOK                     $439,900

17 WOODLAND TRL, BETHANY                            $599,900

135 LIGHTNING POINT RD, COBOCONK            $679,900

176 LILAC RD, OMEMEE                                          $689,900

62 FIRE ROUTE 70B, SMITH-ENNIS-LKFLD    $1,999,900

295 RABY`S SHORE DR, FENELON FALLS         $2,499,900

Multi-family Properties

161 RUTHERFORD AVE, PETERBOROUGH          $169,900

48-56 AYLMER ST N, PETERBOROUGH               $2,970,000

Vacant Land and Farms

2 NEWRY RD, JANETVILLE                                      $899,900


8TH LINE S, ASPHODEL NORWOOD                   $69,900

102 BOND ST E, FENELON FALLS                         $79,900

LOT 27 FIRE ROUTE 70A, LAKEHURST               $299,900

20 FIRE ROUTE 70A, LAKEHURST                       $399,000


425-427 GEORGE ST, PETERBOROUGH             $899,900

150 O`CARROLL AVE, PETERBOROUGH             $2,495,000

441 HWY 36 HWY N, KAWARTHA LAKES           $299,900

20 PIGEON LAKE RD, LINDSAY                             $399,000


67 ISLAND 12, METHUEN                                       $329,900

Understand that real estate is forever changing and evolving. It is not possible to consistently remedy and update links below as they sell – particularly if you are reading this post on or after December 12th. I will not be going back through and un-linking addresses as they come off the public site after December 12th for this post nor previous posts. If you would like a link of previous posts to compare stats or listings please click below.



Please read: These lists are meant to illustrate new listings that have come for sale on the Peterborough and Kawartha Association of Realtors real estate board. Any mistakes, errors or omissions are oversights and the responsibility of the listing brokerages to remedy. This list is not complete. Any omissions to these lists may be the result of sensitive listings (a business wishing to keep advertising to a minimum, some commercial listings). All listings are MLS unless otherwise noted (Exclusive, private).

Mark Million is a Realtor with Bowes and Cocks Limited, Brokerage in Peterborough. If you would like a free opinion of value or ways to market your home differently contact me (705) 559-7218. If you want free advice on any real estate question or scenario you may have, by all means contact me. All information or conversation disseminated through WordPress or any other means of correspondence between myself and you is not intended to solicit those currently under contract.




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